Be Sincere, Which Song Made You Like Wizkid?

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Everyone has a song that made them fall in love with their favorite artistes.
For most people, they joined the WizKid movement early, from the day the StarBoy released his debut single, Holla At Your Boy. Others like me didn’t really vibe with Holla At Your Boy, I became convinced when I heard Tease me. What a sensual and soothing jam.

And over the years, Wizkid has churned out countless jams. Every year, there’s an evergreen hit from the Starboy. From Pakurumo to Jaiye Jaiye now to Soco and Joro. His artistry is impressive.

Truth is, WizKid might not be your favorite artist, but you’ll be lying if you say you’ve never vibed to his songs before,

So guys, 👇

Which song made you like WizKid?
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LET’s DISCUSS!! As Married Couples, Should A Man Consult His Wife Before Giving Money To His Mother?

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Marriage is no doubt a very complicated institution.
It takes so much love and understanding for a man and a woman to survive a marriage without so many troubles.

In Nigeria, I have heard it so many times that the relationship between wives and mothers-in-law are not always cordial.

Some elders say it’s more like a man marrying two wives, wisdom is needed to ensure both don’t have a problem with each other because if they do, the man will be affected emotionally.

Imagine a situation where a mother that suffered a lot for you to make it in life is having an issue with your wife whom you love so much from the depth of your heart.

Guys, in a bid to avoid problem arising in marriage, the question is 👇

As Married Couples, Should A Man Consult His Wife Before Giving Money To His Mother?
Let’s hear from you

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[Music] Mr Gbafun – High Life

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Mr Gbafun – High Life mp3 download The hottest rapper on the block now, Mr Gbafun dishes out yet another hit rap track titled “High Life”

A song filled with wordplay and punchlines, also an anthem explaining the beauty of Highlife and relating to the vibes you get when high.


MAD O!! Fake Mourners Arrested While Traveling With Empty Coffin During Coronavirus Travel Ban

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A group of eight Kenyans who disguised themselves as mourners taking a body for burial during the Coronavirus travel ban in Nairobi have all been arrested.
Over the weekend, the country’s health minister Mutahi Kagwe in a statement said that the group had left the capital, Nairobi, and travelled 370km (about 230 miles) west with an empty coffin in the vehicle before being intercepted.

According to him, the mourners had a fake burial permit from Mama Lucy Hospital in Nairobi.

Mr. Kagwe said that the group of fake mourners had managed to pass through several checkpoints before suspicious officers in Homa Bay County opened the coffin.

The Health Minister also disclosed that the driver who drove the group has tested positive for Coronavirus, while the rest have been quarantined.

The arrest comes nearly two weeks after travel in and out of Nairobi was restricted, along with another three regions considered to be Coronavirus hot spots in the country.

Kenya has recorded over 200 cases of Coronavirus, including 12 deaths.